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At Dry Creek Outfitters, our guides are our lifeblood. They are with you throughout your journey to make your experience successful and memorable. Selected for their dynamic personalities and expertise in everything from hunting birds to boars, they also share one thing in common: a love for the great outdoors.

Jared Creacy

Growing up in North Texas I was fortunate enough to develop a love for hunting. From shooting my first deer at the age of 7, to shooting my first pig at 8. Even though North Texas has some great waterfowl hunting, I was never exposed to it until I was 18; after that I was hooked. There's nothing like waking up on a cold crisp December morning to set up a spread to shoot waterfowl, seeing ducks and geese feet down in your decoys is a image that replays in your mind over and over. There comes a time in every guides life when all you think about is getting your clients on that animal they are pursuing, whether it's a duck, goose or wild pig, seeing the excited look on your clients face after their first kill never gets old.  As a native of Wichita Falls, I have developed a keen knowledge of the area and the animals that live in it.  

Lee McCollum

I was fortunate enough to be hunting at an early age, harvesting my first pig at 4 and my first deer at 5.  Growing up in North East Texas the deer hunting was typically less than exciting, which lead me to the waterfowl side of the world at the age of 8.  I was setting spreads and calling at birds alone by the time I was 12.  Majority of kids grow up wanting to be professional athletes. Me on the other hand, I'm living my dream by hunting for a living.  The excitement i get of putting my clients on their first boar hog or limits of ducks and geese far exceeds just doing it by myself.  Come let us put you on a hunt of a lifetime.

Keaton Skidmore

I began hunting small game when I was six years old. As I grew as a hunter, the animals changed into more difficult game.  It progressed to the point where I am now, going out at night to hunt wild hogs and other animals. Wild hogs have become a problem across Texas for agricultural farmers. They cause millions of dollars worth of damage each year. At the rate hogs reproduce there is little hope to decrease their population. What we can do as conservationists is to help mitigate the amount of damage they cause. We can accomplish this by controlling the hog population. I love being able to use what I have grown up learning and loving as a career now. I am proud to be a Dry Creek Outfitter guide for the past three years. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and using my skills to help make your hunt a memorable experience!

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